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Welcome to the Official 'About Elephants' Website!

Welcome to the official 'About Elephants' website!

There are a great many elephant websites on the Internet today, but some of them can appear a little complicated to navigate & some of the terminology used on them, especially those that have been translated into 'loose' english after being constructed in 'non english' languages, can often leave the reader feeling baffled & confused.

We wanted to provide a website that was a useful source of information for those who have a general or professional interest in elephants.

(Image: Addo Elephant Back Safaris in South Africa)

We wanted to provide a website that educated people about elephants, especially with regards to why we must persevere to ensure their conservation. We wanted to point out the different characteristics between all species of elephants. We wanted to point out the differences in their natural habitats respectively. We wanted to raise awareness to their behavioral patterns, as well as their biology, physiology & psychology.

Basically, we wanted to provide a website that tells you the visitor, all you need to know about elephants.

You see those little sub-headings up there? Well, they are the names of all the pages there are to our website. We're are always looking to add new pages, so keep coming back to visit & you may see new pages popping up all over the place.

In the meantime, please enjoy exploring our website & if there are any elephant inquiries we can help you with, please get in touch. It's always nice to make new colleagues & friends.

 Just bear in mind that due to work commitments we may not be able to communicate with you straight away, but somebody here will get back to you just as soon as we can, - promise.

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Have a nice day! :)